Current projects (click for more details):


Method for extracting rules from
Deep Neural Networks.


Machine Learning Diagnostic Soil


Ethical and Legal issues of Mobile Health‐Data – Improving understanding and eXPlainability of digitaL
transformAtion and data technologies using artificial IntelligeNce.


Deep Generative Networks for Bacteriophage Genetic Edition

Completed projects:

  1. FISHGUARD: a fast, cost-effective, user-friendly and in-field screening test. April 2015 – March 2018. Funding: European Eurostars-2 program. In collaboration with BioScientia & BIOTEM

  2. D-rex: Deep Rule EXtraction. March 2016 – August 2017. Funding: hasler Foundation.

  3. BOSS Explorer: Development and integration of new methods for exploration, selection, and visualization of diagnostic signatures. January 2016 – December 2016. National Funding: CTI Agency. In collaboration with SimplicityBio Sa

  4. HP-FuzzyBio: High-peformance Pipeline for Fuzzy Modelling in Bioinformatics. 2013-2014. National Funding: RCSO. In collaboration with Hepia (Geneva University of Applied Sciences)

  5. DiagnoSuite: Suite of data analysis and data management tools for discovering, developing, deploying, and exploiting biomarker-based diagnostic screening tests. 2013-2014. National Funding: CTI Agency. In collaboration with Diagnoplex SA, Epalinges, Switzerland.

  6. nanoFUGE: FUzzy modelling Gene-Expression data from Nanostring technology. 2010-2014. National Funding: SNSF Project. In collaboration with the University of Geneva and the University Hospitals of Geneva. In the frame of the SNSF Project “Leukaemia diagnosis using Nanotechnology”.

  7. ISyPeM: Intelligent Integrated Systems for Personalized Medicine. 2010-2013. National Funding: Nano-Tera Initiative. Member of a large consortium of several Swiss universities.

  8. TIC4AGRO: Revealing new opportunities for small-scale fruit growers in Colombia by harnessing time in a collaborative site-specific agricultural setup. 2012. National funding: KFH Agency.

  9. Smart Building: Système de gestion énergétique des bâtiments basé sur des techniques d’intelligence artificielle (System for energetic management of buildings based on artificial intelligence). 2010-2012. National funding: RCSO. In collaboration with Fribourg University of Applied Sciences.

  10. PharMEA: Multi-Electrode Array technology based platform for industrial pharmacology and toxicology drug screening. 2009-2011. European Funding: FP7 European project, Research for SMEs instrument. In collaboration with a consortium of several European universities and SMEs.

  11. HiperBio: High-performance reconfigurable computing toolset and development methodology for bioinformatics and computational biology applications. 2009-2010. National funding: RCSO.

  12. NavMedia: Navigation and exploration of self-organized business media. 2008-2009. National Funding: CTI Agency. In collaboration with the Ipseité SA, Ecublens, Switzerland.

  13. MyDeskPerso: Moteur de personnalité artificielle pour le robot-jouet Mydeskfriend. 2008-2009. National Funding: CTI Agency. In collaboration with Arimaz SA, Renens, Switzerland.

  14. FASTPricer: FPGA-based Accelerating Solution for Parallel Synthetic CDO Pricer. 2008-2009. National Funding: CTI Agency. In collaboration with Risk Metrics Group and IOxOS Technologies, Switzerland.