Main Interests:

  • Scala and Java programming
  • Distributed, scalable and fault-tolerant system design
  • Big Data analytics (MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Storm)

Current projects (2012-present):

  • CrowdStreams: design and implementations of a real-time traffic data monitoring system to estimate/forecast traffic flow in the neighbourhood of a social event, such as Paleo, using the Spark Streaming framework.
  • Livre Artist: extracting, normalizing and creating a relational database for the Helvetica Catalog of Swiss National Library.
  • Realtime Data Loss Prevention: design and implementation of a content-based DLP solution for “data in motion” in order to construct realtime data leakage detection platform using Apache HBase, Storm and Spark computing platforms.
  • CITATION: design of a data middleware infrastructure on the Cloud for crowd monitoring project in the context of Internet of Things at IICT (iNuit project) and implementation of a REST API using MongoDB and Python.
  • Efficient Near Duplicate Detection: design and implementation of an efficient tool to detect similar (duplicated) contents in large collections using the MapReduce programming model and evaluation using Apache Hadoop and Spark platforms.
  • SITG Catalog Clustering: automatic clustering of the documents of the Système d’Information du Territoire à Genève (SITG) using Apache Mahout.
  • Social Media Monitoring: desing and implementation of a classification algorithm for sentiment analysis in social networks (Twitter).
  • THESAURO: automatic reorganization of the Radio Télévision Suisse Romande (RTS) thesaurus using association rule mining.
  • GARSV: semi-automatic generation of resumes from the videos of the Grand Conseil Neuchâtelois.

Postdoctoral projects (2011):

  • Designing Semi-Synchronous Algorithms: algorithms that their progress is independent of the system timeout.
  • Transforming Consensus to Fair Atomic Broadcast: algorithms that their progress is independent of the behavior of faulty processes.
  • Publications: EPFL InfoScience Library

Doctoral project (2006-2010):

Master project (2005-2006):

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