I work as a Senior Scientist at the HEIG-VD, part of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. About the complicated naming of the institution(s), see another post.

An industrial experience at Vibro-meter (now Meggitt Sensors) followed by five years of free-lancing in electronics, gives me the appetite to realize projects with tangible (technical, economic, business) results. Even if I sometimes do very little of the technical work myself, my pleasure is to initiate thrilling projects in fields as diverse as possible.

In 2009, I joined the IICT at the HEIG-VDl, where I s tarted working in R&D and activities in very various fields, almost always related to industrial collaborations in CTI and direct mandates, but also an FP7 project. For bio details see my LinkedIn profile, and feel free to connect!

A dozen of very bright engineers, (almost) all senior, make up the Advanced Communication Systems Group and allow us to design innovative products with RF/microwave, embedded SW, and advanced sensors.

My core knowledge is electronic development and I can as well solder tiny 0402 size components (0.5x1mm), design PCBs, develop electronic circuits (not too high in frequency) or write (some) embedded code. Which I like to do as much as writing financing requests and put together people for innovative projects.

Since 2012, with my excellent colleague (and boss) Pascal Coeudevez, we have a lot of freedom to steer the group into challenging fields that made us once dream and seemed inaccessible only a few years ago: I named the Two Graals of Electronics, that is biomedical (advanced medical electronic implants) and space which will lead our team to, hopefully, developing products that will fly in space.