Play to fight deforestation

Forest defenders is an Android tower defence game produced by the Terra-i team. Terra-i is a near real time deforestation monitoring system.

Forest defenders is fun to play but also helps us to improve Terra-i by pitting your deforestation detecting abilities with those of the machine learning algorithm that enables terra-i to understand the difference between real deforestation and other anomalies in frequently updated satellite imagery.


You can install the game on Android tablets by downloading the following file: ForestDefenders.apk, and following these instructions.

You can also play it on any computer by using a bootable Android USB drive with forest defenders pre-installed. This is how to do it:

  • Download the Android+forest defenders ISO IMG file from here (1GB).
  • On windows use the Universal USB installer to create a bootable USB from the IMG. Use a blank USB pendrive with at least 1 GB space. You will lose any data on the USB pendrive.
  • On linux use the startup-disk-creator to create the bootable USB drive. Be careful to specify your USB drive as the drive to create, NOT your main hard drive!
  • Once the bootable USB drive is created, reboot the computer that you want play forest defenders on and press F12 as it is booting to have the option of choosing the drive to boot from.
  • Choose USB drive (and ensure that the bootable Android pendrive is attached to the computer)
  • Android will start and run on your computer. The bootable USB will not touch your hard drive and once you have finished using it you can reboot the computer (choose power down from the Android settings menu) to have it boot back into linux, windows or whatever else you normally use.

Version 21.03.2014 (apk updated on 19.6.2014 / ISO file 26.8.2014 by KCL team)